The Issey Miyake Watch Shop Thailand

Founded in 2001, Issey Miyake Watch is a very special creative endeavor by the world-class designers working with an internationally respected watchmaker. The Miyake Design Studio in Japan works with Seiko to bring incredible designer watches to life. The criteria for designing Issey Miyake Watches is that it must be:

  • a) A fresh new design
  • b) It must be made in Japan
  • c) It must be analog watch
  • d) The Designer must create the package as well

By setting up this design philosophy, the Miyake Design Studio continues to excite and deliver fresh new watches. Experience Issey Miyake in Thailand like never before.

Inspired by Issey Miyake

Born in the late 30s in Hiroshima, Japan, Issey Miyake grew up in the post-world war era. While Japan was struggling initially, it began to piece itself back together, so that it would become the industrial powerhouse it is today. Miyake was part of the young Japanese generation that began this revival.

He studied graphic design in Tokyo and he graduated in 1964. Miyake moved to Paris and New York in the 60s. Upon his return to Tokyo in the 70s, he founded Miyake Design Studio, a women’s fashion paragon. His innovative and fashion forward designs stunned the world especially in the 1980s when he created new methods of pleating that would allow for flexible

clothing that was easy to care for. It was this kind of thinking that started to make waves in all his designs.

Miyake has had several high-profile friendships such as Steve Jobs, for whom he designed the black turtleneck shirt that Jobs popularized on his return to Apple. The Miyake Design Studio took over the responsibilities from him in 1997 but Issey Miyake still oversees the direction of the company.

Bringing Issey Miyake to Thailand

Issey Miyake watches are a considerate and meticulous approach to great design. From clothing to perfumes, the Issey Miyake brand has been creating incredible fashion concepts, trends and ideas with regularity. As Issey Miyake once said, “Design is not for philosophy- it’s for life.” With that same drive and objective to create great watches, the Miyake Design Studio creates new and fashionable designs that fit everyday life.

You can purchase any Issey Miyake watch in Thailand here at Trocadero Time. Our Issey Miyake Watch Shop has the designs from the best aspects of the Miyake Design Studio. We can also service and repair your watches. Get your very own Issey Miyake watch in Thailand at Trocadero Time.