Swiss Perfection: The Oris Watch in Thailand

The first brand that Trocadero Time brought to Thailand was Oris of Switzerland. As the sole supplier of this incredible brand of mechanical watches, Trocadero Time is proud to present a comprehensive selection of Oris watches in Thailand. With more than a century of experience and heritage behind them Oris continues to innovate and create new and exciting products including Oris Thailand limited edition watches.

About Oris

Found in the Swiss town of Holstein in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, Oris was named after a nearby brook and the first watches were manufactured in the Lohner & Co watch factory. Over a period of two decades Oris expands its manufacturing to nearby towns and begins manufacturing wristwatches as well.

Through decades of innovation, Oris watches begins to transform from a regional player into a true Swiss watch brand. They develop their own movements and escapements while adding even more skilled watchmakers to their factories. The addition of aviation watches, alarm clocks and even their first automatic movement in 1952, establish Oris as a major player in the field of mechanical watch precision.

At one point in the late 1960s, Oris was one of the ten largest watch companies in the world producing more than 1.2 million watches and clocks a year. With the biggest name in mechanical watches and company powers through the next few decades and in 2002, the Red Rotor becomes the Oris’ registered trademark. This is a symbol of innovation in Swiss watch making and it easily distinguishes Oris from its competitors.

Partners of Oris

Oris has always supported sports and the arts and they have done so with aplomb. The Oris London Jazz Festival becomes the company’s first major partnership and it begins the company’s long relationship with Jazz music. Oris continues to make fresh new mechanical watches for pilots such as the automatic BC3 collection.

In 2010, Oris announced a partnership with the Austrailian Marine Conservation Society to help protect the Great Barrier Reef, they even launched a Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition watch to help raise awareness for the cause. Before this Oris had already begun to make mechanical watches for divers with all kinds of interesting features that were not available on the market. Finally, Oris has been a partner of Williams Racing in Formula 1 for many years now. The Oris Williams collection is a testament to their partnership.

You can find some of these limited edition Oris watches in Thailand at Trocadero Time. Since the mid-90s, Oris has been happy to sell their watches in Thailand through Trocadero Time and they continue to innovate and excite the avid watch owner with some of the most impressive mechanical watches in the world. Learn more about Oris in Thailand only at Trocadero Time.