A new celebration shade of Issey Miyake TO Champagne Gold
ISSEY MIYAKE TO Special Edition
With a new celebration shade of Champagne Gold
 ISSEY MIYAKE TO Champagne Gold
ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project - a consistent source of creative watches by world-renowned designers from diverse fields - is please to introduce the new TO Special Edition, the latest collection with the great shade of Champagne Gold designed by acclaimed Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka to celebrate a level of success of its best-selling nature that has never waned. One of a kind and unique on its own, the new model is a triumph of minimal and sophisticated design paired with celebrated trendy gold shade. Exclusively produced for one shot production and only 80 pieces available in Thailand
 ISSEY MIYAKE TO Champagne Gold
TO Collection first launched in 2005, it well reflects Tokujin Yoshioka’s unique approach to design. His inspirations began with the selection of a material then extracted its character, minimalizing design elements. As the result, the watches look as if they have been sculpted from a lump of metal. With a disk-shaped two-hand aluminum and simple indication system, the hands on the outer and inner circles indicate the hour and minute respectively. This TO Champagne Gold Special Edition comes with a yellow gold PVD case, a yellow gold dial and yellow gold PVD bracelet that shown the uniqueness which suitable for the brand of Issey Miyake and towards visual beauty in a design you will love forever
 ISSEY MIYAKE TO Champagne Gold
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By Trocadero Time | Mar 12, 2018