The G-Frame collection evolves with new additions
The G-Frame collection evolves with new additions
Gucci G-Frame Collection
The new G-Frame timepieces feature a bold gourmette chain or straps with multiple loops, injecting fresh energy and innovation into this versatile collection
Thanks to the petite size of the refreshed rectangular case (14 x 25mm), executed in steel or light yellow gold PVD, each new G-Frame variant exudes elegance and femininity
Among the more contemporary new additions is an innovative, expertly crafted steel model with a silver chevron-patterned dial accented with pyramidal stud indexes
Three double- or triple-loop models are another highlight of this sophisticated Swiss-made collection. The straps of these timepieces wrap comfortably around the wrist multiple times. Two of the multiple-loop variants feature eye-catching, tri-colored Gucci web nylon straps in cream-red-blue or green-red-green, with leather lining and matching dials, whilst the steel version comes with an easy to adjust gourmette chain – links can be simply added or removed for a perfect fit
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By Trocadero Time | Oct 5, 2017