Klasse14 is now in Thailand

“Be Ordinarily Unique.” - Klasse14 in Thailand, Exclusively at Trocadero Group

As an international watch brand that is disruptive and fearless, Klasse14 brings bold, new designs to Thailand. The world is filled with contradiction and beauty but it is up to each individual to find a way to express themselves, no matter how different it may be. This is why Klasse14 provides the individual with products that bring out so many aspects of personal style from contradictions to self-expression and the need to share happiness. Klasse14 is more than just a style and fashion brand, it is also a great watchmaker.


Klasse14 was born out of a union between two strong foundations. Excellent engineering and production was crossed with the brilliant mind of Creative Director Mario Nobile and a visionary new brand was created and that is Klasse14. The Klasse14 collections in Thailand have all the bright, bold and sleek watches that define the brand as unique and expressive, a great gift item for someone who loves to break the mould. Learn more about this unique, fashion-forward watch brand that doesn’t compromise on engineering or creativity.


Klasse14 in Bangkok - Express Yourself

With Klasse14 Thailand in select locations around Bangkok, the trendsetters and the fearless iconoclasts now have the opportunity to pick up a brand new avenue of style. New collections of Klasse14 watches are now available to discover your very own “Ordinarily Unique. Choose any of the unique designs for all kinds of occasions. Whether you want to make a statement on a night out or you just want something colourful to celebrate an event, Klasse14 has a wide range of styles to choose from.

Trocadero Group is the exclusive Klasse14 reseller in Thailand and we’re bringing some of the most limited Klasse14 products possible to you. Take for example the incredible Volare Sky Collection, which is a breathtaking series of watches that presents the sky in an artful and gorgeous manner.

The Volare Sky Collection was inspired by changing hues of the sky and what these colours represent. At different points in the day, the shifting sun has such a dramatic effect on the changing colours of the sky. At dawn, there is a set of yellowish-pink hues, at noon, there is endless deep blue, at dusk, the colours fade to pinkish-purplish colours and even at night, there is a faint purple that interacts with the inky blackness.

All these gorgeous colours are gradients because the sky is filled with multiple shades even if some colours are more dominant than others. These gorgeous two-tone watches are sure to turn heads wherever you go especially because of the brushed, bright metal finish and the leather straps acting as a continuation of these designs. All the watches of the Volare Sky Collection are available at all Klasse14 Thailand locations until stocks last.

Make a bold new choice when it comes to fashion with your very own Klasse14 watch! Visit any of the Trocadero Group locations and browse through the collection of stylish and fashion-forward watches that we have available for you.

By Trocadero Group | Apr 10, 2019