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December 1994

Trocadero Time starting with the idea to create a unique watch store from the rest of the competitors, by taking extra measures of Pre & after-sales service. Wite more than 50 years experience from small watch service stall at Trocadero alley in Suriwong road. Passion and drive have built up the strong foundation for every step of Trocadero Time until now.  

22 June 2538 (1995)

A strong driven make the business growing their success rapidly. Trocadero Time has appointed by ORIS SA to be the sole authorized distributor in Thailand for ORIS, the high-quality mechanic watches from Switzerland.

9 January 2546 (2003)

Watch Clinic has registered to be an International standard Watch service in Thailand. We are proud to provide you the excellent after-sales service from our professional technician team with certified-training from Switzerland guaranteed by trust and acceptance widely from watch enthusiasts and collectors. Moreover, there are watch straps and cases to service the customers as well.

2007 - NOW

30 August 2550 (2007)

The company has become the authorized distributor for Issey Miyake, a world-renowned  designer’s brand from Japan 

2 December 2553 (2010)

On the 16th years. The company has opened  D WATCH CAFÉ – The World First Executive Opening at M fl. Siam Paragon providing the international standard after-sales service.

5 May 2559 (2016)

The company has launched the new office called Pichayakarn Building locating at Rama 3 Road 

9 January 2564 (2021)

Watch clinic company has registered to Watch Clinic International Limited

Past Experiences

2005 - 2017

The company appointed as the sole distributor of “ ORIENT ” watches from Japan

2005 - 2018

The company appointed as the sole distributor of “ GRAND SEIKO ” watches from Japan

2007 - 2020

The company appointed as the sole distributor of “ GUCCI ” watches from Switzerland