The LuxurIOUS Watch BOUTIQUE of Thailand

With an unparalleled passion for watches, Trocadero Time was created to become the most complete luxury watch shop in Thailand. From the mid-90s onward, Trocadero Time has been bringing the finest luxury watches to Thailand. You can buy luxury watches from us online or at our watch boutiques in Bangkok. We are experts at repairing luxury watches as well. For watch repairs in Bangkok, bring your watches to any of our watch clinics in the city. Our passion for watches is very real and it goes back a long way, here’s what makes Trocadero Time tick.


With a great passion for the watch, Mister Direk Mahadumrongkul starting his own watch repair stall in the Trocadero alley 60 years ago. Aiming to introduce the luxury watch brands to Thai people by his own style. Therefore, the leading watch company has begun in 1994 along with the great team on both marketing and distribution for the best watch brands.

Bringing to you the after-sales service that suits your need. The watch company has built up its reputation to become the leading watch company under “Trocadero Time” with more than a decade of experience in watch repair service in Bangkok offering the customers unparalleled after-sales service as our strong selling point.

Trocadero time is the sole distributor for the famous luxury watches in Thailand for Oris, the quality mechanic watches from Switzerland, and Issey Miyake, the world-renowned designer’s brand of Japan.

Special Customer Service

As we care about the ultimate safety of our customers, we have launched “Special Customer Service” that is ready to deliver watches that meet Perfectionists Standards to assure customers that their watches are 100% clean and virus-free.